musings on tuning nginx for production.

New GPG Key for signing (again)

New GPG Key for signing

Hosting a Lokinet Exit - A Guide for the Lazy

New server (Sept 2021)

The MA local government just installed spyware on your device.

Opportunistic SMTP over Lokinet: it could work...

REJOICE, capacity increased

The Fediverse - The illusion of community and the beginning of its new normal.

Febuary 2021 blog update post

50 bux of toilet paper

I don't like hardware upgrades

New RSS Feed

All Services back online

The big move 2020

Services will be down until September 2020

Death by Dangerous By Design Defaults, Dumb DoH Degrades DNS's Dignity.

Life Update Blog June 2020

Lokinet with DNSCrypt-Proxy

Installing Lokinet on Ubuntu

Quick Lokinet Update, June 2019 (1 year in).

i2pd 2.24 released

Why I wrote LLARP

Lokinet Update March 2019

i2pd 2.23.0 static arm build

nntpchan 3.1.0 released

Kovri and the curious case of code rot (part 3)

Kovri and the curious case of code rot (part 2)

Quick Lokinet Update December 2018

i2pd 2.21 released

i2pd 2.20.0 static arm build

LokiNET 0.2.2 released

i2pd 2.20 released

LokiNET progress report August 2018

XD 0.3.1 released

LokiNET progress report July 2018

XD 0.3.0 released

i2pd 2.19.0 static arm build

i2pd 2.19 released

LokiNET 0.0.0 demo build released

i2pd static arm build for april 2018

New life for XMPP. Build your own decentralized messenger!

The magical world of Pleroma, setting up your instance.

Building sbuild environment for cross-building raspbian packages on amd64/i386 machines

XD 0.1.0-pre4 released, almost there.

XD 0.1.0-pre3.5 released

XD 0.1.0-pre3 released, stable release sooooooon ™

i2pd 2.18.0 static arm build

i2pd 2.18 released

XD 0.1.0-pre2 released, testers wanted.

nntpchan 0.6.0 released

Quitting the net for a bit

i2pd 2.17 released

hosting an outproxy for i2p (part 1)

Syncthing over I2P

Kovri and the curious case of code rot (part 1)

nntpchan 0.5.0 released

Exploring snappy package manager. Why it is awesome and how to get started.

i2pd 2.15 released regular Livestreaming (and podcast ?) xmpp registration closed

i2pd 2.14 released

i2pd 2.13 released

I2P Browser Configuration Tutorial, the "Proper" way.

I2P and Monotone, an intro guide for the lazy

Twister the little known p2p twitter

i2pd 2.12 released

Hardening i2pd setup with AppArmor

i2pbote in go coming soon and irc reverse proxy

i2pd keyinfo tool and more in proxy up (again)

i2pd 2.11 released

PPA repository for i2pd is available

Connecting to I2P network through restrictive firewalls

ipfs access

DIY darknet for fun and profit

gpgpipe, an alternative for people who want to curlpipe

i2pd 2.10 released

Anonymous instant messaging with end-to-end encryption xmpp

Meet i2lua -- I2P router with "smart" configuration

self hosted git inside i2p in proxy down for rewrite

Cross-Compile static I2PD for Raspberry Pi is back up

Fed up with SystemD

NNTPChan Part 2 -- Overchan and Livechan

NNTPChan Part 1 -- Torchan and Overchan now has ssl is back?

Trial By Fire is down?

mempo mirror in proxy down for a bit

i2p irc and otr with weechat