STMP, isn't. It has a lot of auxillery stuff and it's a nightmare to run a mail exchange. That being said, the excessive flexibility of the protocol stack can be a good thing if you know how to use it.

Given you use a postfix + opendkim setup I have devised a super neato near turnkey way to exchange email between mail exchanegs over lokinet while still coexisting with non lokinet mail exchanges.

To do all this install lokinet, persist the snapp keys in /var/lib/lokinet/lokinet.ini in the [network] section keyfile=/var/lib/lokinet/hs.private, then restart lokinet to apply settings. To get your .loki address do a dig @ -t cname localhost.loki (after restart of course)

The changes needed for the mail exchange side is actually really simple. My dns configs (bind9 style) for my mail exchange are now effectively this:

IN  MX  10 gha9cxqjzrbcu5dxnx7riomnitm94gkzxcghdmb1nogd5f9oj7oy.loki.
IN  MX  20
mail    IN  TXT ( "v=spf1 mx a:gha9cxqjzrbcu5dxnx7riomnitm94gkzxcghdmb1nogd5f9oj7oy.loki -all" )
mail    IN  A

What this means is that all mail exchanges will try resolving the .loki address first (and obviously fail) then fall back to the internet based one. In addition I updated my SPF record to include my .loki address.

In addition i added the .loki tld to /etc/opendkim/TrustedHosts as the network layer is not spoofable (and we do not have txt records in lokinet yet ;_;).

This setup is entirely untested.

If someone wants to set up such a setup on their mail exchange, please do so and send me an email to [jeff at i2p <[dot]> rocks].

If this experiment works it'll be pretty cool and as you can see it's far far more turnkey than onionmx which is a very cool project but a massive pain the balls to deploy. My hope is that this will provide some more visibility to the network utility that lokinet provides.

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