Hosting a Lokinet Exit - A Guide for the Lazy

This is a super abridged guide on setting up a lokinet exit node inside docker.

prepare the host

docker using apt:

$ sudo apt install docker docker-compose wget

grab the docker-compose.yml

$ mkdir -p /usr/local/exit/
$ wget -O /usr/local/exit/docker-compose.yml

turn it on

put the exit node up:

$ cd /usr/local/exit && docker-compose up -d

now get the exit node's .loki address:

$ cd /usr/local/exit && docker-compose exec lokinet

client usage

your exit node is now usable, you can turn it on on a lokient client using the lokinet-vpn command:

$ lokinet-vpn --up --exit putyourexitaddresshere


Ocassionally you'll want to update the docker images, you can do that using this command:

$ cd /usr/local/exit && docker-compose pull && docker-compose restart


your exit is ready, enjoy the packets.

New server (Sept 2021)

The datacenter in which my rented OVH dedicated server is located is currently dealing with total shit connectivity. has temporarily relocated to a dinky hetzner vps. Some resources may be missing.

The MA local government just installed spyware on your device.

A few days ago, someone had the bright idea to silently and without consent push a government made mobile phone application onto everyone's devices (for your own good).

The scope of what this propriety application does is still not verified.

Regardless of intent or application functionality, This undeniably, is not okay. A government installing a software without notice or consent onto their population's devices is not something a healthy functioning democracy does, it's what a psychotic paranoid despot does. If the Mass Gov truly wants to minimize harm this is the opposite of what needs to be done. All this will do is drive conspiracy theories and deepen a very legitimate mistrust in the institutions that plague the USA (which helped give rise to people like donald trump).

This app does not have a launcher icon. To uninstall this app on android, go to settings -> applications and list all the …

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Opportunistic SMTP over Lokinet: it could work...

STMP, isn't. It has a lot of auxillery stuff and it's a nightmare to run a mail exchange. That being said, the excessive flexibility of the protocol stack can be a good thing if you know how to use it.

Given you use a postfix + opendkim setup I have devised a super neato near turnkey way to exchange email between mail exchanegs over lokinet while still coexisting with non lokinet mail exchanges.

To do all this install lokinet, persist the snapp keys in /var/lib/lokinet/lokinet.ini in the [network] section keyfile=/var/lib/lokinet/hs.private, then restart lokinet to apply settings. To get your .loki address do a dig @ -t cname localhost.loki (after restart of course)

The changes needed for the mail exchange side is actually really simple. My dns configs (bind9 style) for my mail exchange are now effectively this:

IN …

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REJOICE, capacity increased

REJOICE, I have increased the number of threads handling udp traffic from 8 to 16 to deal with a recent increase in traffic.

As a result the tracker software was restarted. Probably could have SIGHUP'd it but meh.

This tracker is my personal zen garden type hobby.

You can see traffic stats on the front page of the open tracker here.

Packets go brrrrrrr haha.

The Fediverse - The illusion of community and the beginning of its new normal.

I used the fediverse to shitpost, meme and in general vent my internal monolouge to whoever wanted to listen, that used to be work fine but over the ages it has become more and more... uh... cancerous? Not sure if that word works or not but I can't really think of many other ways to put it. Yes, it's way to too cancerous for even a seasoned shitposter as myself who reguarlly shitposted on there about pretending to hate the french. It reminds me of what happened to 4chan/8chan, in the beginning it was niche and then it got invaded by a wave of shitheads from whence it never recovered. I suspect that that time is coming for the twitter/usenet/web protocol amalgum, sooner rather than later.

I have used the fediverse since around 2017-ish I am not some new admin idiot that just set this up I've …

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Febuary 2021 blog update post

Don't worry I am alive, I have been be workaholic-ing away for a while now so I haven't had a lot of time to sit down and make a blog post.

A good quote that is related to this is...

"Now is not the time for beer, that comes later."

~bane from that one batman movie

50 bux of toilet paper

I ordered 50 bux of toilet paper off of amazon and I got...

thas a lotta paper

50 bux worth of it. 4 x 3 x 5 rolls. That's a LOT.


I don't like hardware upgrades

Recently I decided to upgrade my workstation's Ryzen 1800X to a newer Ryzen 3700X. After I replaced the CPU it didn't POST as I forgot to flash my 3+ year old bios before hand. Thankfully after putting the old cpu back in, flashing it and putting the new cpu back in it POSTs again.

god fucking damnit

I hate hardware upgrades so god damn much.

New RSS Feed

I set up a new rss feed for my music that i sometimes upload, it can be found here