nntpchan 3.1.0 released

Rejoice, nntpchan 3.1.0 has been tagged.

This release is a security update so All NODES are advised to upgrade

  • prevent mod message pubkey spoofing
  • support for ed25519-blake2b signatures

Download on github here and join us on IRC to peer into the main network.

we are on the following networks:

rizon: irc.rizon.net #nntpchan

freenode: irc.freenode.org #nntpchan

nntpchan 0.6.0 released

Rejoice, nntpchan 0.6.0 has been tagged.

This release contains lots of inane bug fixes.

Download on github here and join us on IRC to peer into the main network.

2hu-ch.org nntpchan is offline until it's not.

We're on the following networks:

rizon: irc.rizon.net #nntpchan

freenode: irc.freenode.org #nntpchan

Quitting the net for a bit

My NNTPChan nodes will be offline for a bit while I quit the internet for a bit.

Estimated date of return TBD.

Email me if you need to contact me otherwise I'll be offline.

NNTPChan Part 2 -- Overchan and Livechan

Yay the continuation of the nntpchan blogs is here, part 2 specifically, probably more to come when things go down. In my last blog I talked about the history of overchan, specifically why it came to be but did not really touch on how it came to be.

There was never one single reference implementation for overchan, it was designed in a way so that the implementation doesn't matter so long as it can speak NNTP properly. Everyone on overchan ended up using SRNd because no one else had their source code accessable, there was on written in haskell but I could never find the source code for it. It's entirely possible that one could use INN2 with a webserver running perl cgi scripts to generate articles and markup and you'd have a compliant overchan setup. I really wish they used another name for overchan since it's already a thing …

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NNTPChan Part 1 -- Torchan and Overchan

After some downtime, I finally got around to restoring my blog since there's something to talk about.

I have been working on rebasing some software for a decentralized imageboard so that it can work with clearnet.

Wait wat? Here's The backstory.

In the beginning, there was Torchan. Rather, there was a version of Torchan that didn't permit that content. ( *cough*seepea*cough* ). It was according to the original host, most likely the largest tor only imageboard at the time. After a series of DoS attacks, internet drama, vps bills piling up, the original host decided to hand off the site and the private keys to someone else. What happened after that caused the desire to create an imageboard that is invulnerable to any kind of global power grab. The new host, initially using the nym "dgft", didn't want to play nice. The new moderation team effectively made the site absolutely …

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