i2p.rocks in proxy down for a bit

i2p.rocks in proxy will be down for a bit since I have moved my VPS to digital ocean. I will need another VPS in order to host the in proxy since the i2p.rocks in proxy probably violates the ToS of digital ocean. Until the service is restored use i2p.xyz. To expidite the process of getting another VPS to host the in proxy donate to my bitcoin address.

donate: 15yuMzuueV8y5vPQQ39ZqQVz5Ey98DNrjE

i2p irc and otr with weechat


This tutorial is not gaurenteed to provide absolute security as some of the components have not been properly audited.

If you know you are under targeted survailence please by god consult the EFF .

For a while I have been meaning to start a blog about i2p so here it is. First thing's first, a helpful tutorial for newbies.

IRC, internet relay chat "what hackers use when they don't want to be overheard" while hacky and primative is a useful chat protocol. In general IRC is not private, server opers may log private messages and public channels are often logged for historical purposes. Considering that IRC is a very public procotocl one can still use it for secure and (more or less) authenticated communications. Off-The-Record, aka OTR is a common plaintext chat encryption protocol that works over IRC and XMPP. It allows you to have a private convorsation …

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