I have been writing an i2pd compatable bittorrent client called XD in golang. It has reached an almost end user ready state. 0.1.0 will be the first "official" release of it. Before that happens I need some beta testers.

If you want to help test it you can do the following

install i2pd from git

There are some bugfixes that are applicable to XD that are not in 2.17 yet.

If you don't know how to build from source the documentation is here

download and run XD

latest release here

right now XD uses the current working directory as the data directory so make a new directory and put the executable there.

On Unix systems you can do something like this:

$ mkdir ~/XD/
$ cd ~/XD/
$ cp /path/to/downloaded/XD .

then make a symlink for XD-cli

$ ln -s XD XD-cli

on windows you can copy XD.exe to XD-cli.exe

To run just run the XD or XD.exe executable in the directory you just created.

add some torrents

there is a webui located on loopback here by default.

I have a test torrent on my eepsite here, copy that url and put it in the "torrent location" text field of the UI, press "add" and it'll fetch, add and preallocate the torrent and start downloading once the network session with i2p is fully made. That torrent contains my latest albumn so no one will be mad if you download it (but I may be mad if you DON'T download it D:<).

There is also a small torrent index called anodex.i2p that takes uploads without needing an account, source code for the index is located on i2p here. Please note that the index does not track swarm stats yet so some (or most) of the torrents may be without seeds.


Please report all bugs or problems you encounter to the issue tracker on either github or my git .

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