Tor browser provides a great brain dead simple interface for using the internet anonymously. Sadly you cannot really hack on it easily because modifying defaults is considered harmful by most people (opinion). This is a step by step guide on configuring a browser to use i2p for i2p and tor for everything else.


This configuration will not protect you from web browser exploits, fingerprinting, session tagging, traffic correlation, local rootkit, etc.

The setup


  • Linux (any flavor)
  • tor
  • i2pd (or java i2p if you really want to)
  • privoxy

The basic setup is the following:

your browser -> privoxy -> tor -> internet / onion
                 i2pd -> i2p


see here on how to install i2pd from latest source code

see here on how to install tor from latest source code

For debian or ubuntu based distributions you can do sudo apt install privoxy and it'll get privoxy. If you're using Fedora it's sudo dnf install privoxy.


Append the following lines to /etc/privoxy/config :

forward-socks5t / .
forward .i2p

For this example we'll use chromium for the browser:

chromium --proxy-server=

Now you can browse with both tor/i2p.

This will not change your browser's user agent and you will be much fingerprintable, for fingerprint resistance consider using Tor Browser.

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