After over a year I am proud to release nntpchan version 0.5.0.

The daemon has gone through a lot as well as the build system, we have many many new things added.

  • smart varnish caching
  • ed25519-blake2b signatures
  • no longer use cgo, libsodium not used at all, we are 100% pure go now.
  • no more noticable gc leaks
  • use 1 repo for everything, don't split backend and frontend repo for ease of building

Many features were also gutted:

  • filesystem markup cache
  • redis support (all of it)

I think this covers everything, so much changed I probably forgot something or a few other things ...

Download on github here and join us on IRC to peer into the main network.

We're on the following networks:

rizon: #nntpchan

freenode: #nntpchan

irc2p: irc.dg.i2p #overchan

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