I used the fediverse to shitpost, meme and in general vent my internal monolouge to whoever wanted to listen, that used to be work fine but over the ages it has become more and more... uh... cancerous? Not sure if that word works or not but I can't really think of many other ways to put it. Yes, it's way to too cancerous for even a seasoned shitposter as myself who reguarlly shitposted on there about pretending to hate the french. It reminds me of what happened to 4chan/8chan, in the beginning it was niche and then it got invaded by a wave of shitheads from whence it never recovered. I suspect that that time is coming for the twitter/usenet/web protocol amalgum, sooner rather than later.

I have used the fediverse since around 2017-ish I am not some new admin idiot that just set this up I've been around the block. It's not just "left wing cancel culture" or "right wing shitwad cabals", it's more. There used to be a very visible network that has now been completely polarized into "us" and "them" (depending on what paranoid delusions you subscribe to) and dropping the server has been on my todo list since late 2020 anyways. The fediverse does reflect the political schism very well. I don't have the time or patience to wade through layers and layers of shit to find the content that I used to see regularrly.

sudo -Hu pleroma MIX_ENV=prod mix pleroma.user rm jeff # kthnxbai

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