In May of 2018, I got an email from loki project with a job offer for a full time position developing my toy onion routing protocol called llarp. Since this is an offer to get paid to do my dream job I accepted. I will continue to work on i2pd but my main focus is now on LokiNET.

So, Today I am releasing LokiNET 0.0.0 a minimal demo build of the mixnet I am building. It doesn't really do anything interesting right now because there is literally just 1 or 2 nodes that exist. I am releasing this build mainly to get feedback from potential relay operators BEFORE the loki integration happens. I want to iron out any prelimiary issues with the daemon before going to loki stagenet.

Current Features:

  • primative preliminary onion routing, no hidden services, no exit functionality (yet)
  • encrypted wire protocol for inter node comms
  • multithreaded crypto workers
  • simple ini style config

If you set up a public relay node please make a PR with the self.signed file renamed to yourname.signed in contrib/testnet directory inside the testnet repository.

In the future bootstrap will be more automated but for now it's totally manual, this is subject to change.

Please not, this build is currently NOT sybil resistant.

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