If you'll ever experience problems with connecting to I2P network, your Internet Service Provider may be blocking access to I2P bootstrap servers. It is not a big deal if you have access to GitHub.

Edit reseed section in your i2pd config file i2pd.conf file like that:

verify = true
file = https://github.com/r4sas/i2pd-reseed/releases/download/1.0/i2pseeds.su3

or run binary with option:

./i2pd --verify true --reseed.file https://github.com/r4sas/i2pd-reseed/releases/download/1.0/i2pseeds.su3

and you will bootstrap to I2P network from GitHub.

Alternatively, simply download this file with web browser and reseed from local file:

./i2pd --verify true --reseed.file i2pseeds.su3

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