my unofficial static arm build for i2pd 2.20.0 is up here.

make sure to check the signature or verify the hash


f10bf0c2e913e420125ac392fa9c27f8ccdd16268acec5a1ef7e5b96621e813b05c5361c862e2bfa48e3d3590c7dff127c9676ddc78f7497945f120161ac43be  i2pd


bc5ab06804f076c0b8118e1bf29aef1ba5432bf39440c0b5d696187b87312f84  i2pd

the build was compiled with -Os and stripped for smaller size, so you may have better speed on systems without speculative execution like the raspberry pi 1.


  • openssl 1.1.1
  • boost 1.62.0

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