NNTPChan Part 2 -- Overchan and Livechan

Yay the continuation of the nntpchan blogs is here, part 2 specifically, probably more to come when things go down. In my last blog I talked about the history of overchan, specifically why it came to be but did not really touch on how it came to be.

There was never one single reference implementation for overchan, it was designed in a way so that the implementation doesn't matter so long as it can speak NNTP properly. Everyone on overchan ended up using SRNd because no one else had their source code accessable, there was on written in haskell but I could never find the source code for it. It's entirely possible that one could use INN2 with a webserver running perl cgi scripts to generate articles and markup and you'd have a compliant overchan setup. I really wish they used another name for overchan since it's already a thing …

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NNTPChan Part 1 -- Torchan and Overchan

After some downtime, I finally got around to restoring my blog since there's something to talk about.

I have been working on rebasing some software for a decentralized imageboard so that it can work with clearnet.

Wait wat? Here's The backstory.

In the beginning, there was Torchan. Rather, there was a version of Torchan that didn't permit that content. ( *cough*seepea*cough* ). It was according to the original host, most likely the largest tor only imageboard at the time. After a series of DoS attacks, internet drama, vps bills piling up, the original host decided to hand off the site and the private keys to someone else. What happened after that caused the desire to create an imageboard that is invulnerable to any kind of global power grab. The new host, initially using the nym "dgft", didn't want to play nice. The new moderation team effectively made the site absolutely …

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i2p.rocks now has ssl

i2p.rocks now uses self signed ssl, check the signed proof

check out this great guide for PFS with ssl here

livechan.net is back?

Livechan is back.

Trial By Fire

It seems people like the livechan beta. I asked Fred from 8ch.net to explode the test server with users and he sure did not disappoint.

Thanks to the massive volume of posts that were received when the server was up I was able to find some race conditions in the code.

Features to come when the server comes back:

  • Moderation
  • Flood control
  • A Captcha that actually works

In the immediate future:

  • More Formatting
  • Youtube embeds

Long Term future:

  • User end Filtering
  • Channel Registering
  • More stuff I probably can't think of now

livechan.net is down?

Looks like livechan is down so I have set up an instance of the beta software here.

If you are interested in helping this project along, fork it on github and submit pull requests when you implement a feature, fix a bug, improve the css or create a new theme.

(Donate to me to keep this vps up and running)

mempo mirror

i2p.rocks now has a mirror for the mempo linux distrobution here. It was downloaded off of freenet so some files may have not transferred correctly. Be sure to donate to mempo, it's a pretty cool project.

(Donate to me to keep this mirror up and running)

i2p.rocks in proxy down for a bit

i2p.rocks in proxy will be down for a bit since I have moved my VPS to digital ocean. I will need another VPS in order to host the in proxy since the i2p.rocks in proxy probably violates the ToS of digital ocean. Until the service is restored use i2p.xyz. To expidite the process of getting another VPS to host the in proxy donate to my bitcoin address.

donate: 15yuMzuueV8y5vPQQ39ZqQVz5Ey98DNrjE

i2p irc and otr with weechat


This tutorial is not gaurenteed to provide absolute security as some of the components have not been properly audited.

If you know you are under targeted survailence please by god consult the EFF .

For a while I have been meaning to start a blog about i2p so here it is. First thing's first, a helpful tutorial for newbies.

IRC, internet relay chat "what hackers use when they don't want to be overheard" while hacky and primative is a useful chat protocol. In general IRC is not private, server opers may log private messages and public channels are often logged for historical purposes. Considering that IRC is a very public procotocl one can still use it for secure and (more or less) authenticated communications. Off-The-Record, aka OTR is a common plaintext chat encryption protocol that works over IRC and XMPP. It allows you to have a private convorsation …

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